Hi loves! I’m Gabriella Valerie, but some of you might know me as Gigi. I’ve dedicated my heart & soul to pursuing a life within the fashion industry since I was a little girl, primarily working on perfecting my craft, which is fashion design & styling. Fashion has always been my source of self expression; in which what I put on my body speaks for who I am, and makes a statement about my personality.

Apart from my passion for style and design, I’ve been a musician and song writer for my entire life. I’ve always wrote music for my personal enjoyment, but I wouldn’t mind turning it into more. At a young age I taught myself how to play piano; at one point refusing to play other songs that weren’t my own compositions, and quit. My piano teacher recognized a fiery quality, and insisted at-home private lessons in which we would only write new music and play my own songs. So, one could say that I’ve had a quality and passion to create since a very, very young age, and since then it’s sky rocketed. But, I’m just getting started;). This blog is a virtual representation of my every day life; consisting of fashion design, style, interior, beauty, travel, health, fitness, & nothing less than the yummiest food I eat. It’s my creative outlet and space in which I’ll share my go-to’s, tips, & tricks.

I love…all things neutral; and anything with ‘bright color’ should stay far, far away from me. Camel. Tan. Taupe. Black. Grey. Nude. Blush. Mauve. Bold, fierce, thick, bushy eyebrows. Simplicity. I adore the smell of fresh flowers; preferably roses, hydrangeas, or peonies. Macaron towers with tea or champagne. My garden of herbs and flowers. Fresh smoothies. Mini, delicate pastries. The sound of heels on a marble floor. Being a jet-black brunette. White marble. New York Fashion Week. Chocolate covered strawberries. The feeling of completing any glam look with lip liner and lipstick. Horseback riding. My collection of fashion & fitness magazines. Rainy days that give me an excuse to watch Desperate Housewives, Project Runway, or Sex in the City. Books. Matcha green tea. Practicing yoga. Sinking my toes into hot, smooth sand on the beach while I sunbathe. Red bottoms. The anticipation for a Chanel package to be delivered. Spa days. Jo Malone, Le Labo, or Diptyque candles. Oversized sunglasses.